Casino Funding

Vulkan Casino
  • WE HELP CASINOS save money and release new content onto existing machines through our patented content platform.  Casinos currently spend $15,000+ to change out their machines each time they want a new game.  We can cut that price to $5,000 and offer multiple game options on one machine using our cloud content platform.

  • GamCrowd, a new social platform for this to take place has recently just launched and been developed for start-up companies who need help with investors, start-ups and industry expertise for the gambling sector.

  • Financing options include:

    • Financing for middle-market, corporate, and Native American enterprises
    • Financial restructuring and recapitalizations
    • Structuring and leading large corporate syndicate credits
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Risk management
    • Treasury management
    • Equity investments for high-risk and start-up gaming opportunities
    • Underwriting, arranging private equity placements
    • Underwriting of bonds, including structuring and pricing consultations
    • Tax-exempt financing

    Our gaming finance experts offer:

    • Availability – Relationship-focused team available anytime - anywhere
    • Experience – An industry leader for more than 25 years
    • Reliability – In business for more than 160 years 

    Full disclosure. I worked for First Interstate Bank of Nevada when Wells Fargo bought it. To this day I will have nothing to do with this company.